Meet Uncle Paul World Premiere! / by Jessica Bursi

Meet Uncle Paul ’s Susie & Lee + ME! + Composer Lawton Hall

Meet Uncle Paul’s Susie & Lee + ME! + Composer Lawton Hall

Meet Uncle Paul had its world premiere at the Milwaukee Film Festival on Monday, October 29, 2018.

I was so very excited to have Mom & Dad (Susie & Lee) attend the screening along with family (Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Michele & my beloved siblings & their spouses) + my Milwaukee crew - Carol Brandt (editor), Lawton Hall (composer), and Hannah Christensen (assistant editor), and 500+ other audience members!!

It was slightly nerve-wracking (thanks for the xanax, Mom :), but more so a truly rewarding experience to watch the film with such a large & appreciative audience. They seemed to laugh at the right moments and I even heard some sniffles!

The festival itself was another excellent year - 15 days of 300+ films (47% directed by women!!!) shown all around the city. I’ve detailed below some of my favorites:

PET NAMES (d. Carol Brandt (yes, our dear Carol Brandt) — sweet intimate story also known as “exes go camping” written by and starring rising talent Meredith Johnston with a winning co-performance by Rene Cruz and one of the biggest starts of this Milwaukee Film Festival (or any for that matter), Chato the pug.


WRESTLE (d. Suzannah Herbert) - True text from my mom writing from my cousin Anthony’s wedding: “Miss you! I’ve got information on Anthony’s friends who has a documentary showing at MFF called Wrestle and her name is Suzannah Herbert. She’s an editor and director like Carol Brandt. She’ll be at the festival from the 28th to the 31st.” Cut to October 28-31: Suzannah and I became fast friends and her film, a year in the life of an Alabama high school wrestling team, is phenomenal - tough, heartwarming, uplifting, and smart. Be on the lookout!

Milwaukee Music Video Show - my pal Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski directed a music video for one of the most talented Milwaukee musicians around, Amanda Huff. The result won our $5,000 juried Music Video Prize and it’s incredible. Please watch.