Homecoming Partay! Springfield, IL - here we come (in January). / by Jessica Bursi

I am thrilled to announce that Meet Uncle Paul will have its Land of Lincoln premiere at the Springfield Art Association on Wednesday, January 9th at 7pm.

The screening will take place at SAA’s Preview Party for the annual Molly Schlich Independent | International Film Series. The event is free and open to the public and will feature trailers from the awesome upcoming Film Series line-up as well as the Illinois premiere of Meet Uncle Paul - complete with a q&a.

This is wonderful because:

1) Springfield is Paul, and Susie & Lee’s home and it was here that the film was shot by Josh Hester of Springfield’s Storyteller Studios (if you have a story to tell in Springfield, talk to Josh!).

2) I believe in the power of seeing films on the big screen - especially critically acclaimed worldly gems that might not otherwise be seen outside of New York and Los Angeles. And Springfield Art Association has provided just that through their Molly Schlich Independent | International Film Series. I kinda did my own version of film school with their 1998 line-up (can we talk about how great Smoke Signals is, please?!

In short, this screening will be a true homecoming for the muvie and I hope all our friends can join us!

To learn more about the evening & the entire series, please click here.